TIL when Patrick Stewart grew a comb over as a young bald man, some friends of his invited him on a picnic, then forcibly held him down, cut it off, and told him “You be yourself. No more hiding.”

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When he was cast in Next Generation, the executives were worried the audience would be distracted by his baldness. Gene Roddenberry had him audition twice, once with the worst toupee they could find and once bald, to prove 1) his acting would override any possible distraction and 2) they could do *much* worse than bald.


This hits home as a guy balding at a young age. Fucking love this man.


He then honored them by going on to make a living pretending to be other people.


Be yourself! And by that we mean do the hairstyle we think looks better on you instead of the one you wanted to do.


Those were some good friends.