To what places on earth can we go and stand and know that a recorded, named person from history stood on that exact same spot? (The earlier in history the better.)

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I always am eerily weirded out when I’m at the Trocadero in Paris because you can stand in the same spot as Hitler did during WW2 with the Eiffel Tower in the background.


In Canterbury Cathedral, you can stand directly in front of a plaque in the wall that says “Thomas Becket was murdered on this spot in …” whatever the year was.


You can go to Athens and stand on the same spot that the persian Emperor Darius stood watching his fleet get decimated by the Athenians in the straits of Salamina.


Westminster Abbey in London is cool for this very reason. The number of coronations and weddings and funerals that have happened there. I also got a kick out of the Tower of London for that reason, too. I have an ancestor who was executed there and it’s cool to be able to stand in the exact spot where your greatx grandfather died. I don’t know how well the exact site has been accurately recorded but there’s a spot in the Roman Forum that’s marked as the site of Julius Caesar’s funeral pire. If it’s accurate, that means you can stand in almost exactly the spot where Marc Antony gave his eulogy for Caesar.


Stand looking at the Sphinx. You’ll stand where Napoleon, Caesar, Marc Anthony and Cleopatra all stood, plus countless others less notable.