Trump rages against impeachment as newly released report alleges he committed ‘multiple federal crimes’. President claims his impeachment ‘is the greatest con job in the history of American politics’ as damning report details misconduct.

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It really wasn’t a con job. We saw the crimes in real time, some on national TV. We weren’t fooled. The right pretends to be so they can enable Trump as a scapegoat so they can pack the courts and pass wildly unpopular legislation (tax scam, anyone?)


My only happiness in this is that Trump is genuinely raging. He goes to bed worried and angry and wakes up the same. Trump isn’t acting. His life is shitty and it is all to his own making.


The one thing that abso-fucking-lutely baffles me is how his constant use of nth-degree superlatives never bothers any of his supporters. To hear Trump talk, literally nothing that has ever happened around him is anything less than the best in human history, or the worst in human history. If you were talking to someone who constantly referred to everything in those kind of extreme terms, you would immediately know they’re complete bullshitters, but here we are.


Poor poor Trump. It would be such a shame if he was so upset that he quit.


As I told my friend recently, this impeachment process is less likely to result in Trump’s removal via being convicted, but possibly to result in a complete and incontrovertible break from reality; an according to Hoyle meltdown that will end speculation about his mental state.