Trump’s Executive order making Judaism a Nationality will be used by White Nationalists to further their anti-semitic “Dual Loyalty” narrative

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This is just racist in itself. A Jewish American’s nationality is American.


So Jarrad and Ivanka are foreign nationals?


I’m sorry, where is Judaism located? What’s it flag? Who is is its leader? How in the ever-loving fuck is this half functioning mongoloid still running things? I really wish the GOP would pull their heads out of their asses and start defending the constitution like they always brag about doing.


Exactly. I keep trying to explain this on this sub and I have been met with incredulity. Multiple Jewish groups have condemned this. It’s not something Jews want.


Am I missing or misinterpreting something or does this also go towards the necessary line and distinction between between anti-Israel and anti-semitic becoming even more blurred?