U.S. Supreme Court leaves in place ruling barring prosecution of homeless

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So let me see if I understand this: * City has 100 beds for the homeless * 105 homeless come to the shelter * 5 are turned away and go to the street * Those 5 get arrested * Court rules you can’t arrest them due to overcrowding Honestly that makes sense. Would anyone care to disagree with my assessment?


I know this is a contentious issue for a lot of people, trying to balance humanitarianism with civic pride (let’s face it, homeless tent camps are major eyesores), but this ruling I think will ultimately be a good thing. Cities will now have to stop kicking the can and face the actual roots of the homeless problem. Houston and Salt Lake have shown the housing first programs are wildly successful when adequately funded. I think more cities are going to adapt these policies now.


Bring back sanitariums – its surprising the only person in political circles mentioning this is Trump. There are no good solutions so long as we can’t solve the mental health side and the only way to solve the health side is long term psychiatric institutions.


Oh man I forgot how these threads about homelessness are complete dumpster fires. All I gotta say is if your enemy is someone who doesn’t have anything, there is something wrong with you.


Does this mean that those who were fined are entitled to a refund?