U.S. sues CVS for fraudulently billing Medicare, Medicaid for invalid prescriptions

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CVS wanted to charge me $244 for my dog’s seizure medication. Told them hell no, went to Costco and it cost me $20. I couldn’t believe it.


CVS is a scummy company. They bought out the most popular prescription plan in the US and then blocked other pharmacies from using it, which basically screwed over millions of Walgreen and Rite Aid customers. They had to switch to CVS or lose their plan.


Someone must have pissed off a regulator. Usually this kind of fraud never sees the light of day.


And fucking 10 foot long purchase receipts!
– Thank you kind Redditor, for the silver. 😉


Damn I wonder what that whistle blower Is going to get. Typically for medicare it’s like 25% of the take. Good on them. Corporations should not profit off of fraud and take money from the american people while putting the elderly at risk.


Pelosi Says Trump’s Unhinged Letter To Her Is ‘Ridiculous’ And ‘Really Sick’

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Full of falsehoods. He wasn’t denied the chance to defend himself. He was asked to send witnesses to the Judiciary committee, and Senators in Congress are asking for witnesses to speak. Trump blocked testimony, and McConnell blocks witnesses.


Too bad he had his chance, there’s consequences for conducting business on Twitter and not swearing an oath and talking to adults.

Play stupid games win stupid prizes!

Please everyone get out and vote your country needs you!


> Trump sent Pelosi a six-page screed on Tuesday afternoon demanding she “immediately cease this impeachment fantasy” and complaining that “more due process was afforded to those accused in the Salem Witch Trials” (it wasn’t).

I wish a journalist/interviewer would ask him what he knows about the Salem Witch Trials, like when they occurred or what Salem Village is now named, or Massachusetts is on a map even.


Pelosi’s decision to use of one of trump’s pet epithets — “sick” — in her response was not incidental.

She knows trump. Knows him like a mother knows a child. Knows how to push his special buttons.


I hope she says “I pray for him” lol


Yeah, the Letter. But Today’s Biggest Trump News Came Out of a Court Room in New York. | A $1 million “loan” from a Russia-friendly Ukrainian oligarch to Rudy Giuliani associate Lev Parnas’s wife just blew open the case further.

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And, don’t forget, Nunes’ phone records shows a phone call to a Parnas number. Nunes claims it was Parnas’ wife’s number, not his. That suddenly becomes more important.


So in other words, they intentionally chose to release the letter now to overshadow this.


Indict Giuliani. Impeach Trump.
Defend the Constitution.

Enough of his Baby Talk.
Bring back ethics & common decency.

EDIT: Wow, this blew up! Thanks for the silver kind Redditor. I appreciate it and only put my thoughts down as felt they represented Americana at its best, patriotism, irregardless of race, creed, sex, etc. We’re all in it together and better than this… please… fight for America, be better.. be decent irregardless of party and affiliation. Thank you!

EDIT2: Thank You For The Gold! I just want to say — please get out there & protest. Go to meet any Senator / Representative that you can & ask tough questions. Write them. Call them. This is our democracy at stake. Thank you again, I appreciate the seconds of fame with the Gold.


A Ukrainian oligarch, suspected of being affiliated with Russian mafia and wanted in the US on criminal charges related to Russian interference in the 2016 election of Donald Trump, gave a million dollars to someone working for the President of the United States while he was digging up dirt on the Presidents opposition in the next election?

Is that where we are at now?

Okay conservatives spin this one.


That oligarch is under indictment in the USA because he’s a mobster. Putin, the fsb and the kgb before then rolled the mob into an arm of the government to do their dirty work.

We have this picture of mobsters in Russia like in John wick, tattooed hardcore people, those are mostly in prison now and what’s left looks and acts much more like the Italian mob with their veneer of businessmen


TIL that Touchstone Pictures was created by Disney for PG-13 and R-rated films. Ever since then, Disney has released films deemed inappropriate to be released under the Disney label as Touchstone.

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I feel like I find out something new Disney owns every week. Next we’ll find out which porn sites they own.


Very similar to their Disney+/Hulu strategy


Nightmare Before Christmas was originally released under Touchstone.


>Touchstone is literally a pseudonym for Disney
>Touchstone released *Who Framed Roger Rabbit*

Jessica Rabbit is indisputably a Disney Princess. Add her to the lineup, you cowards!


1984 … I worked in home video then and I remember the launch of Touchstone quite well. Probably for all the cool promo shit they gave out with their early movies.
Splash..was their first movie and there were large Daryl Hannah posters and small mermaid standups.
Did I mention Daryl Hannah as a mermaid ?


I’ve got an advent calendar for Jehovah’s Witnesses…

Every time you open a door, someone tells you to fuck off.

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I got asked to be a Jehovah’s Witness but I told them I hadn’t even seen the accident.


I once heard that if you invite Mormon missionaries into your house and try to convert the new guy, they’ll blacklist you. Shitty life tip? You decide.


I never heard this one.


I was brewing beer in my garage. Talked to them for about 20 minutes before they asked what I was doing. They left soon after and I haven’t seen any since. That was 5 years ago


What do you get when you cross a Hell’s Angel and a Jehovah’s Witness?

Someone who knocks on your door and tells *you* to fuck off.


LPT: While lending someone a pen, don’t give them the cap. When they are done writing, they will have to return it or keep a capless pen.

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I’ve never known anyone to be bothered by a capless pen.


LPT: go on amazon and buy a bulk pack of 144 bic pens for $12 and if someone needs to borrow a pen give them one cap and all and offer to let them keep it


If they do keep the pen, carry around the cap just to spite them. That way if they ever ask again, you can look through your pockets and passive aggressively say “sorry, all I have is a cap”


This is a great tip, i often found when lending a pen for a work card signing by the time it came back (if it did) the lid would be gone


Hardcore show at Denny’s causes damage, Gofundme helps teen promoter cover costs

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Long live hardcore


Kid is a gd legend having me asking wth have I squandered my youth


Glad the kid is out of a jam. But really, $1k in damages is nothing. Hope he learns the lesson of picking the correct venue.


I know these guys!


i think catholics are delusional. the pope just admitted pics of nude 14 year olds weren’t considered child porn by the church and that vatican policy was to hide sexual abuse information from authorities. i believe catholics will ignore this and remain loyal. thus they’re delusional.

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Catholicism is dying in the US at an unprecedented rate. They are having to sell and combine churches left and right. Awhile back, someone posted an article about my hometown, Pittsburgh, that the Catholic church had to sell 75 properties there. And there is a decent catholic population in Pittsburgh.


Of course they’re delusional; they believe (according to official doctrinal dogma):

1. Parthenogenesis occurred in a human female, and…
2. … the offspring resulting from parthenogenesis was male (parthenogenesis does not occur in apes, including humans, and if it did occur in humans (a diploid species) the offspring would necessarily be female)
3. Bread (crackers) magically “transubstantiate” into human flesh (which is then consumed in a ritual) and…
4. Grape juice or wine is magically “transubstantiated” into human blood (which is then consumed in a ritual)
5. a person was 100% human and 100% divine (there’s not 200% in anything)
6. 1+1+1=1 (trinitarian mathemagics)


Worth noting the age of consent in Italy is 14. Although you’d think an institution that claimed to be the absolute authority on all things moral would set a higher standard.

And yes, they and their entire following are delusional.


Of course they’ll ignore it: they’ve ignored the 92839823983823 instances of child rape and their cover ups, etc.

At this point I don’t know **what** it would take for them to leave the church since sexual crimes against children is the worst thing I can honestly imagine.

Edit: guys… I don’t mean that number literally.


Religion is based on collective delusions


‘How Bad For The Environment Can Throwing Away One Plastic Bottle Be?’ 30 Million People Wonder

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I thought the onion published satire


fuck Greenwashing.


Sad attempt, Onion. As if consumers have any control over the plastic bottle industry. Consumers are weeks late in the product chain. It is statistically impossible for consumers to control the output of plastic bottles. Millions and millions of us would need to make a concerted vendetta against specific bottle producers by not buying seemingly random and myriad products which use that specific plants bottles.

If you are going to make a shit joke, at least eat something healthy beforehand.


Apple, Google, Microsoft, Dell and Tesla are sued over alleged child labor in Congo

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Man the Congo can’t catch a break.


The Congo is one fo the poorest places on the planet. When you live in extreme poverty not working means you don’t eat, no one cares what your age is. It’s horrible but it’s the reality. That’s why free trade is so important. It reduces extreme poverty so kids can go to school instead of work.

That all being said, these companies should take responsibility for the condition of their suppliers’ workers. For a few million dollars they should pay for infrastructure and increase wages so the adults can work and the children can go to school. In the long term it would benefit these companies because the mines would be more productive in the long term.


Didn’t California use to supply rare earth metals? What happened to that?


Well this will be gaining quite the traction. I’m just too cynical to believe it won’t eventually result in the use of less ethical methods after a period of charitable, inspiring and fearmongering/distractive behavior.

Maybe this is the big news they will use to bury the child abuse stories with. We won’t forgive and we won’t really forget…

But most will retreat, back into their cozy nests.


Let’s take this opportunity to remind everyone that cobalt is also the primary active site on hydrotreating catalyst. It composes 30% by weight of the 2,000 tons of catalyst that petroleum refiners throw into landfills every year.

Also notice how Exxon isn’t being named in this lawsuit.