1st Dunk last night! Thoughts or advice on dunk/jump technique or form?

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Nice going. What’s your squat numbers at the moment? Also trimming weight helps a lot, no point taking extra baggage up there to the rim. I see you are a one footed jumper, how far off are you from a 2 footed slam?


What’s the training you’re doing to increase vertical???? I would love to know!


Hard to tell with not much run up in the video. It sounds weird, but what’s helped me is to actually think about jumping while you’re dunking. Specifically, a lot of times people don’t use their arms enough to get momentum going up. See if focusing on throwing your arms upward on take off makes it easier for you. Does for me.


Whaddup glad to hear we got the dunking community on reddit


My best tip: When your jump gets a bit higher and you grab the rim more solidly on dunks. be aware of how much grabbing the rim can shift your center of gravity, and how that shift can make your grip on the rim slip. When I was younger and 1st started dunking I ate sh!t more than once trying to showboat a little, then flailing/falling totally parallel to the floor as my momentum swung me sideways and made my hand slip.