A 16-year-old girl was kidnapped while walking with her mother in The Bronx, police say

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New shit has come to light, man. She kidnapped herself.


EDIT – SHE’S BEEN FOUND SAFE! I felt this shocking case needed more exposure. There is video of the kidnapping. She and her mother were walking together when a car stopped, two men go out and grabbed the girl and dragged her to the car. The mom is seen fighting and trying to get an her back, holding onto the car when she is fought off/knocked back by the men. They then drive off. I’ve never heard of a kidnapping so bold like this, on someone who is walking with their parent. Usually you see stories like this with a child or woman who is walking alone, making them an easier target! Unfortunately the amber alert didn’t go out until ten hours later, but I hope they find the girl safe somehow.


I know trafficking happens. But I figure it’s usually teens that get lured away by “boyfriends”, etc. Or, in the case of kidnapping – it’s a child custody thing. But this snatching off the street is … I don’t have words.


I live in the middle of the country where a couple interstates meet and its apparently a hot spot for trafficking. The number of Facebook posts of people claiming they were stalked at kohls or Walmart or whatever and someone tried to grab their kid is outrageous. It’s apparently like an everyday event.


Yo this is fucking nuts. Like something you hear about in a movie that breaks your immersion in it. Just walking with your mom and getting kidnapped holy shit.