A big-budget Robin Hood movie effectively takes money from the poor to give it to the rich

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What are you defining as “poor” here? I don’t think your average homeless person is going to the movies every Saturday.


I don’t think many people gave money to the rich for the most recent Robin Hood. It bombed pretty hard.


Why just the other day a movie jumped me in an alley and stole my wallet. What’s really scary is they’re forming organized gangs now. “Franchises”, my ass.


The story isn’t about rich vs poor. King Richard would still be a rich king if he returned, this wasn’t the French revolutionary times. People didn’t like Prince John in the story because he forcefully took far more money from the people through taxation than was necessary and spent it all on himself. People voluntarily giving money to the rich to be entertained isn’t inherently wrong, and it’s certainly not the point of the story.


Ya but people willingly give their money to see a movie