A little different: what healthy stuff would you buy if money wasn’t an issue?

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I’d buy way more fruit, especially avocados and berries. And maybe some fancy bread. And those fancy pastas that are made of veggies, and beans, and such.


Oh man, I played this game SO MUCH as a grad student. For me it always comes down to: smoked salmon, local humanely raised meats, wild caught fresh fish, fresh blackberries & raspberries, and fancy yogurts and cheeses. I’m now able to spend more on groceries, and the biggest difference between now and then is the quality of foods I can buy – my produce, meat, and dairy are as a whole more local and fresher. Fancy cheese, fresh seafood, berries, etc. are still a special treat!


I’d get real wild and buy saffron


A personal chef to make delicious and healthy meals – I wouldn’t have to shop for food or clean up…. sigh…. one day maybe 🙂


Fruits for dayz! I love fresh fruit, but to keep things like mangoes, some varieties of apples, and berries consistently stocked adds up really quick.