A Methane Leak, Seen From Space, Proves to Be Far Larger Than Thought – The Ohio blowout released more methane than the reported emissions of the oil and gas industries of countries like Norway and France

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“larger than we thought” Is actually “larger than what that company led us to believe”.


Any industry that can make a mistake that could cost many hundred of multiples more than that company’s total revenue shouldn’t be allowed to operate. It is the a massive moral hazard if the deal society makes is “you can keep all profits if no mistakes are made and if you do make mistake just declare bankruptcy to limit your liability”. Especially if the risk is to all humans living on the planet for the next hundred years.


Shouldn’t they burn that so it turns to carbon which is less damaging to the environment?


Fossil fuel industries always lie about how much pollution they release. Always.


And this is why I changed my mind on NG as a bridging fuel. On paper natural gas is a great way to reduce emissions quickly while we work on alternatives, but the leaks are not generally known and the extent of how bad they really are is always going to be worse than reported.