Adam Sandler builds up to a major acting performance once every ten years by slogging it in throw away comedies like he’s charging up his ultimate.

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He’s not slogging through anything. He prefers those movies, he produces them. It’s more accurate to say he can only be bothered to put out a good acting performance once a decade and phones it in the rest of the time to hang out with friends and pay the bills with the rest of his movies.


I take it you just saw Uncut Gems?


I think the fact that he’s stopped giving Rob Schneider pity-cameos is subconsciously helping the movies be better now UPDATE: I have received more Rob Schneider takes than I have ever cared to since posting this


I dont know why Adam Sandler gets so much hate. He likes to act, and likes to hang out with his friends. The dude found a way to do both and call the shots. Fucker is living the life.


Spanglish is a bi-national treasure.