Adults know Santa is a fantasy and they use the omnipotent gift giver as a way to get their kids to behave, but don’t see that’s exactly what religion is but on a much smaller scale.

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Comparing Santa with god really irritated me when I was a Christian. I knew it struck a nerve, I just chose to ignore that fact. Looking back it’s pretty freaky how willfully ignorant I was


How much of the “be good or no Santa this year” is still used? I mean, I’m old by Reddit standards, but way back when I was a young kid, we were made to believe Santa delivered the presents left at the foot of our beds, but we were never told the delivery was conditional on our behavior.


I think it’s more than that. Religious people (for the most part) allow their children to believe in magic and Santa etc and then strip it all away in an instant. In that moment the child might be desperate to hold onto some semblance of this illusion. That’s normally when the parents tell the kid, “Don’t worry, God is still real.”


Yes! Both Santa and God just operate as panoptic mechanisms to ensure well-behaved citizens. It’s easy to rule with fear when our souls are at stake.


If Santa had his own church, there would be GOP senators defending your right to discriminate against people on his “naughty list.”