Alan Greenspan says inflation ‘is inevitably going to rise’ as deficit balloons over $1 trillion

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> Why does he say this now when we’ve pumped 4Trillion and no inflation has occurred ? Because the GDP is 5x that, running $1 trillion + deficits and needing extraordinarily low rates will lead to higher inflation eventually. Any assets are rising faster than inflation, housing for example. If that continues to rise faster than inflation its going to spill everywhere else.


good cause i got a huge mortgage!


The same Alan Greenspan that overreacted to the sharp rise in the stock markets in the late 1990s by ratcheting up the fed funds rate massively helping exasperate the inevitable stock market correction, turning it into a steep recession? With that said, the deficit is a problem whether or not we want to acknowledge it or not. Maybe not today, but down the road, yes.


It’s amazing people still give him airtime.


If only the politicians who campaign on debt weren’t absolute vile liars and hypocrites. But they’re on the right and love handouts to the wealthy so they are venerated here