Almost half of the 49 journalists murdered this year were killed in three countries

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Of the 49 journalists killed, 10 were in Syria, 10 in Mexico and 5 in Afghanistan. Oh wait, you thought it was China, Egypt and Saudi Arabia? No, those were journalists *imprisoned*. Great reporting!


Of course people love to silence those who broadcast stuff


The deaths of some of the Mexican journalists in the past will give you fucking nightmares. Recall reading about the guy who exposed a cartel cannabis farm. They drugged him to stay awake and lucid and sodomized him with a glowing hot metal rod. Truly, truly horrific as all fucking get out. Edit: for any non-native English speakers, “Horrific as all fucking get out” = “Horrific as fuck”. Not telling you guys to get out.


The actual article contradicts the headline… Sloppy writing and editing.


dang, I was thinking Mexico