Americans plan demonstrations in support of impeaching Trump

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Don’t worry about “what will this prove?” All of us showing up sends a message, even if you don’t see it being received. Showing up trains your muscle memory that you are a participant, you choose, you act. The biggest lie they ever told us is that nothing we do matters. The ACT OF MAKING THE CHOICE is what they want us to forget. Don’t let your body forget what it feels like to be present in solidarity. Even if you don’t see the benefit, don’t see immediate results, don’t know why you’re doing it… DO IT ANYWAY. Make a stand, the future of democracy itself is literally at stake, this is it for humanity! Be a human being, choose to be free! Also use the hashtags #NotAboveTheLaw and #ImpeachmentEve for your pictures for history! And if you can’t make it out tonight throw a buck or 2 to your favorite candidate or organization! Self care is important, too. If this is your first protest, literally all you have to do is show up. Dress warmly. If you want to make a sign, go for large letters and readability, “RESIST” or “IMPEACH” is plenty. Or, let it all out, whatever you feel the need to say, now is the time. Hecklers are usually around the edges of the crowd so if you feel uncomfortable, move toward the middle. If it’s really bad, leave the area. Prioritize your safety. Don’t stick around agitators, you can’t change their minds. We are strong. We got this. But we have to do it and go through it, not skip to the end. I love y’all!


Donald Trump: “I want huge crowd turnouts just for me!” *Monkey’s Paw curls one finger* ETA: trumpisnotabovethelaw dot ~~com~~ org


I like that it says Americans, not Democrats. We see so much labeling we forget we all want what’s best for the country. Well, most of us at least.


I’m about to get laid off by my Trump-supporting boss. I’m going to have a lot more time on my hands.


alot of haters in this sub of the “this won’t do anything” ilk pls ignore, don’t even downvote on em…just ignore and move on. we’ll move the country forward with or without bahhumbuggers