Any religious groups that place a higher priority on the afterlife over this life we have here and now should be ridiculed and stood up to the most.

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Convincing your victims, I mean followers, that the next life is the important one is the most important step in getting them to give you all their stuff! Imagine having the wealth of the Walmart family by selling nonsensical ephemera that nobody can disprove without dying first!


Can confirm. Former Mormon here. They spend so much time worrying about ‘the next life’ and don’t live in the present. And earning a spot in the best part of heaven requires money and obedience to crazy ass rules (no coffee, no tea, special ugly underwear, no homosexuality, no premarital sex, unquestioning obedience to leaders…). They think their leaders (all are men) speak for god (who never seems to speak up about poverty, crime, environmental issues, diseases or natural disasters). Mormons also think they can ‘save the dead’ by doing temple rituals for them. 🤔 They spend so much time and money on temples and call it service, instead of actual service for living people in need. Focusing on this life has made me less judgmental, more generous, more open-minded, more aware of others’ suffering, more concerned about the environment, and just smarter in general. Leaving wasn’t easy, but so so worth it! My eyes have been opened and this world is amazing! Life is much sweeter when you focus on the one you currently have instead of worrying about some mythical future reward in ‘heaven’. Edit to add that all the Mormon leaders are men.


What religion is not fraud? Which one is not a lie?


And yet they still cry when a loved one dies.


I completely agree with OP here… Just that I’d put the non-cult ones below the cult ones. And then put the otherwise violent and deadly cults on the same level, if not a little higher. Basically I’m saying it’s an infinitesimally tiny fraction away from completely being in the #1 position. To me at least.