Apple, Google, Microsoft, Dell and Tesla are sued over alleged child labor in Congo

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Man the Congo can’t catch a break.


The Congo is one fo the poorest places on the planet. When you live in extreme poverty not working means you don’t eat, no one cares what your age is. It’s horrible but it’s the reality. That’s why free trade is so important. It reduces extreme poverty so kids can go to school instead of work. That all being said, these companies should take responsibility for the condition of their suppliers’ workers. For a few million dollars they should pay for infrastructure and increase wages so the adults can work and the children can go to school. In the long term it would benefit these companies because the mines would be more productive in the long term.


Didn’t California use to supply rare earth metals? What happened to that?


Well this will be gaining quite the traction. I’m just too cynical to believe it won’t eventually result in the use of less ethical methods after a period of charitable, inspiring and fearmongering/distractive behavior. Maybe this is the big news they will use to bury the child abuse stories with. We won’t forgive and we won’t really forget… But most will retreat, back into their cozy nests.


Let’s take this opportunity to remind everyone that cobalt is also the primary active site on hydrotreating catalyst. It composes 30% by weight of the 2,000 tons of catalyst that petroleum refiners throw into landfills every year. Also notice how Exxon isn’t being named in this lawsuit.