Broccoli & cheese twice-baked potatoes

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Thank you for this! We also bought the 10 lb bag for $2 and make mostly roasted or baked potatoes, so I’ll keep your recipe on hand to mix it up!


Your microwave has a potato setting???


Potatoes are great. I’ve always been a pasta over potatoes person but they are just so versatile and better for you. My son is 9 and loves baked potatoes with cheese and sour cream. It’s such a quick meal and we always have the ingredients on hand so quick and easy, especially for busy weeknight meals. I have taken to making home fries as a side with dinner, but making extra. Then I’ll use them for egg and cheese burritos. So tasty and the best breakfast!


What is a potato setting on microwave?


Highly recommend adding sour cream or plain/greek yogurt to this recipe.