California groom killed by wedding crashers

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How huge a fucking asshole do you have to be to come to a party uninvited and then kill the guest of honor when asked to leave? These guys are human garbage.


Killing a groom at his wedding reception, in front of his bride and his daughter. His daughter is now an orphan; he was the only parent she had. I just don’t understand any of this! Why did they come back with bats? Why couldn’t they just walk away?!


Wedding crashers show up, partied til the next day, were asked to leave. Came back with bats and killed the groom. That’s three lives fucked up for no real reason.


I hope the worst shit in life happens to those two. No rehabilitation, no additional chance at life. They are not fit for civilized society, I never want them to have another single happy thought for the rest of their lives. I can only imagine the rush of regret and fear flowing through their body after the alcohol wore off.


The two culprits must be put to death. Premeditated murder of an innocent man in front of his family. Checks all the boxes in my opinion.