Clumps of cells in the lab spontaneously formed brain waves

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>Muotri and his colleagues are exploring ways of boosting the complexity, perhaps by adding more types of cells or a blood supply. This made me chuckle, imagining them adding a blood supply, a pump, couple of organs, some extremities.


>Although the organoids can live in the lab for several years, their electrical activity plateaus around nine months, Muotri says. Further refinements would be needed for the organoids to develop more fully. I wonder if more development would naturally occur if the cells were given sensory inputs. After all, babies have eyes, ears, nervous systems… I would expect a disembodied brain in a jar to reach a plateau of developmental progress if it has no connection to the outside world.


Mmm, headcheese, my favorite kind of computer.


There are huge ethical concerns in regards to this…