Deputy who slammed N.C. middle school student to floor is fired, charged with assault

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More prosecuting of bad cops, please!


Dude, if that was my kid, and I saw that video, I would be overcome with unhealthy amounts of rage…


It’s not enough to fire a cop like this. We need a federal law banning convicted trash like this from Ever putting on a law enforcement uniform again. He’ll just go to the next town over and do this all again.


Oh shit its a consequence that means something for police misconduct…………………Just kidding he’ll move a county over and become a cop there. ThIn BlUe LiNe Edit – Sounds to me like there may be a corrupt or biased DA in the mix too, shocking. If you really want to learn about how rampant police and prosecutorial misconduct is, go ahead and listen to the Wrongful Conviction podcast, it will make your fucking blood boil.


Lesson to be learned: Record all cops, all the time.