Don’t Make Impeachment Partisan, Warns Party That Impeached Clinton Over Sex

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they claimed it was about lying under oath. And now Repubs won’t even let trump take an oath. They’re calling it entrapment. Instead of whining about “gotcha media” they’re running with “gotcha checks and balances” this time.


Don’t forget Newt Gingrich, who led these charges against Clinton having an affair, was simultaneously cheating on his wife dying of cancer the entire time he was grandstanding how unacceptable the President’s actions were.


Trump released an official White House letter saying more “due process was given during the Salem Witch Trials”. What the fuck? He literally hired and fired fucking judges while taking the unprecedented step of not cooperating. If there is no due process, it’s entirely because of the gaslighting piece of shit.


Also, it’s not partisan. This is the definition of a constitutional impeachment. Only 3 Presidents have done what I believe to be blatantly constitutional impeachable conduct while in office: Nixon, Reagan, and the current White House occupant. Can you guess what they all have in common, boys and girls?


And now theyre defending a thrice-married serial philanderer and adulterer.. a self-admitted sexual predator who stands accused of rape by literally dozens of women. I pray the entire party *goes down because of their hypocrisy and betrayal** Edit: because this apparently needs to be clarified, the GOP needs to be voted into obscurity.