Epilepsy Foundation Was Targeted in Mass Strobe Cyberattack

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I’m curious if that annoying logo in tiktok videos can also be a trigger.


This makes me so sick. I have epilepsy and the epilepsy foundation has been an incredible resource. They helped me afford life saving prescriptions while I was in between jobs, they came to my current job to train everybody on seizure first aid. When I read shit like this it makes me so upset because people are acting like a seizure is something funny. I can tell you that seizures fucking suck. You all of a sudden get this awful deja Vu/sense of dread combination and then the very next thing you know you’re surrounded by a bunch of people staring at you like some kind of science experiment, you can barely remember your own birthday. I really really wish more people realized how serious having a seizure is.


> John Rayne Rivello, a Marine Corps veteran from Maryland, was accused of using Twitter to send a GIF with a blinding strobe light to an epileptic author, Kurt Eichenwald, who had written critically about Donald J. Trump and his supporters during the 2016 presidential campaign. >Two months before the Twitter attack, Mr. Eichenwald, who was a reporter for The New York Times from 1986 to 2006, had written an opinion piece in Newsweek headlined “How Donald Trump Supporters Attack Journalists.” In the column he described death threats he had received because he had written critically about Mr. Trump. Trumpling gets mad about article documenting trumplings committing violence against journalists, so he commits violent act against journalist. Sounds about alt-right.


If this doesn’t have 4chan written all over it, nothing does.


People are just *soooo* funny, right? What a petty and rude thing to do.