Experience a large unexpected drop in your mutual fund recently? Read this before making your own post please.

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New horizons fund is giving back almost $7 per share- that’s almost 10% of the current stock price. Why is the dividend so high? Most of the stocks in the portfolio only has 2% dividend.


Also, check to see if there are any messages from your broker/platform. Fidelity sends a message “Hey, mutual find ABCDE announced a distribution of $X.xx to posted Date Y.”


Time to buy then ?


What’s the point of doing this anyway?


Given we wind up with a higher quantity of shares from these distributions, wouldn’t this help us out in the long-run if we assume the share price will continue to appreciate long-term? Or is this a net-zero occurrence regardless of what happens in the market long-term? Talking 401ks specifically for this question.