Fraudulent Barclays account opened in my name to the tune of 17 grand.

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How did a scam number get put on credit karma associated with an account? Isn’t credit karma supposed to be legit? How could a scammer get the real Barclays number replaced with their own? This is a new kind of scam to me.


You should call barclays directly and lock down your credit.


Personal banker for Barclays here. I’d strongly recommend coming into branch to have a chat with one of us about the account so we can find out exactly how much information on the account is genuinely yours and how much was made up for the sale of opening a fraudulent account. We will log the whole thing with the help of our fraud team in branch and give you advice accordingly to what they have of yours that’s correct. We can also log it in a way which prevents the fraudster opening future accounts with us and with other high street banks in your name and details.


Yes, you should be filing a police report as well. That will help getting this fully removed from your credit.


I don’t understand. You called Barclays but the number you called is a number used to call people to ask for financial information? What?