Gen Z is more anti-Trump than millennials, polling shows

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Weren’t conservatives arguing that Democrats should be worried that Generation Z was going to be very conservative?


That’s because his policies actively fuck them over.


What! But right wing trolls assured me that all 11 year olds are committed fascists. *how could they lie*


The way the wind is blowing. It’s only ever going to get more and more left-wing based on accessibility to information. That’s why Republicans are trying to destroy education and the internet.


This is not my experience, but I hope it’s true. Granted I’m in a pretty conservative part of the country, but it blows my mind how many high school kids I see wearing MAGA hats and how many MAGA flags I see being waved at the beach. I even saw a MAGA flag at a HS volleyball game. And I even see a weirdly high amount of Trump stuff on TikTok. When I was in HS you would have been laughed out at the school if you wanted to wave around a Bush/Cheney flag or even a Kerry flag. When I talk to many of them it’s funny because it usually isn’t even about any policy. They’re more attached to Trump than the GOP. It’s usually just a rejection of PC culture. It’s a super weird trend that I hope isn’t broad spread, but I’ve seen enough to worry me.