Google has fired another worker-activist

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She defaced an intranet page to display the message. If this was not a normal route for internal discussion what she did is arguably illegal and definitely improper. CFAA is extremely vaguely worded so this would easily fall under that (if google felt like pursuing it).


> In her first week at Google, she signed the letter demanding Google not renew its military drone contract. Maybe you shouldn’t take a job if you’re not comfortable with the work the company does. If you can get a job at Google, chances are you can get a job elsewhere.


She change the source code with an internal Chrome extension, without permission, so it now displayed a pop up to organize for everyone that used. Google put her on leave. Sounds all pretty straightforward that she should be fired. Kathryn Spiers, who worked as a security engineer, updated an internal Chrome browser extension so that each time Google employees visited the website of IRI Consultants — the Troy, Michigan, firm that Google hired this year amid a groundswell of labor activism at the company — they would see a pop-up message that read: “Googlers have the right to participate in protected concerted activities.” It is curios why is this even news?


They signed a fucking contract. If you are in breach of that contract you can be terminated. I know everyone wants to tear down Apple, google, Amazon, etc., but can you at least make some effort? This is just sad.


If you don’t agree with what your company is doing the best thing you can do is take your talents to a competitor more in alignment with your values. Companies like Google are only as good as their talent allows. Protests like this are not the way to create change. No company is going to allow an employee to stir up dissent. Your best move is to always follow company policy to the letter, request face time with decision makers to attempt to sway them, and organize outside of work using personal resources to do so. They cannot stop you from outside organizing but they can claim that your internal activities disrupt the workplace and use company resources inappropriately.