Google Nest or Amazon Ring? Just reject these corporations’ surveillance and a dystopic future Purchasing devices that constantly monitor, track and record us for convenience or a sense of safety is laying the foundation for an oppressive future.

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Really don’t understand why people are surprised about the latest new stories about strangers “*hacking*” their Google Nest or Amazon Ring account. Especially when they use Password as their password (or something equally as stupid). You would think someone at Google or Amazon would take a moment before launch and set password policies in place and a mandatory 2 form factor authentication process to view their account. My analogy is, would you set your verbal security password with ADT to be “**Password**”? Then, don’t do the same with a 24/7 surveillance device in your childrens bedrooms.


That’s why I have a cctv camera system linked up to a server in my own home. Any motion and I can view it through a private ip address. Not linked to any services. No associated with any companies. Just constant recording and a big storage server box Edit: I’ll make a guide in a few days for all you guys, there’s like 9 people that want some pointers. I won’t provide personal images because privacy. But it will be in depth on what products I use and how it wires together.


This is one of those all or nothing topics that never seems to be discussed in any sort of nuanced way. It’s always a risk vs benefit situation, and so many people seem unable to accept that not everyone has the same needs, values or concerns.


At least in 1984 the government paid for the surveillance TVs. Facebook expects consumers to fork out a couple hundred dollars for theirs.


Who cares if they see my porch in the first place? Satellites can see the same thing. It’s outside, people can see it all day everyday. Don’t put any inside your house. Who cares. Your not that interesting in the first place.