Greta Thunberg Slams COP25, Says Response to Climate Crisis Is “Clever Accounting and Creative PR”

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As much as I would like to think otherwise, humanity is going to need more crises from climate change before its going to act appropriately. There are already widespread changes including natural disasters that have claimed untold many lives. Despite this, many policy makers around the world can ignore this because they have not seen firsthand that people are dying or being seriously harmed. Or, if they have, they can still get away with the “it’s just a natural deviation” argument. I fear that by the point policy makers universally recognize the problem all the “preventative” measures will be long past due. At this point we are then stuck with interventional options that have not been properly developed or globally scaled.


Why is everyone “Slamming” each other in news headlines nowadays? It’s kinda weird and extremely overused.


I really don’t understand how Greta rose to such prominence. I’m totally for her cause, I don’t think what she is doing is wrong. But what is going on.


I just wish they’d sponsor a scientist to do this. I believe whole heartedly in climate change, but Greta is not an expert


yeah, a 15 year old autistic child just came up with the phrase ‘clever accounting and creative PR’ all on her own. It’s not like her entire family is composed of actors, is it?