“He’s a little intoxicated”: Body camera shows response to Aurora officer found passed out drunk in car in middle of road

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Citizens should be able to petition for the removal of certain cops.


Funny, if this story had omitted the cop being the person they found, who was black out drunk, car in drive and totally unresponsive, I’m positive the police would be publicly patting themselves on the back for locking up a dangerous drunk driver. Instead, because he’s a cop, he wasn’t screened for alchohol at all and even though he admits to drinking ON THE JOB enough to blackout he’s still on the force, policing everyone else with not even a DUI to show for it! What in the actual fuck!


This is why cops can go fuck themselves, they aren’t heroes in any way. They’re corrupt pieces of shit who don’t deserve an ounce of pity or “hero” status.


The body cam audio is fishy. Notice how exact moment after the officer says “he’s a little intoxicated” you hear “aaarrgh!” and his hand hits the camera which then goes mute. It sure seems like he instantly regretted saying that on camera.


Gangs support their members. Did anyone not know this?