If the Cookie Monster existed, the Girl Scouts might become the most highly funded organization in the country.

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Nah he’s gonna be sucking dick for cookies he broke af


Why would the Cookie Monster have any organization funding clout?


In an alternate reality the cookie monster is a huge creature chained up in a warehouse while workers pluck it’s scales (which regrow as a rapid rate) which when baked become delicious cookies.


Hell, if cannabis was fully legalized across the board, the Girl Scouts would still raise a lot more money.


*“Oh the spring time thinks that it’s the best,* *and fall time thinks that it’s the best.* *Cold time has, kind of a strut,* *and Valentines thinks that it’s the best.* *But gather ‘round peeps, I’ll tell you the truth;* *nothing beats the cookie season, that’s the truth!”*