In Tulsa, an investigation finds possible evidence of mass graves from 1921 race massacre

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Hi everyone, And welcome to /r/history We just wanted to mention due to all the history deniers trying to decry this moment of history as “fake news” via anonymous reports that it’s not. It is a thing which happened. The reason we mention this is, we’d like to remind you all that **you can help keep history denial from spreading.** When you see someone breaking **Rule 3: No historical negationism or denialism**, please use the **report button.** Thank you.


I’m from the Tulsa area, and this is definitely a part of our history that is quite painful, especially knowing that the black community in Tulsa was forever changed by the events. There has been a recent push to increase education and understanding about this in local schools, because for a long time it was shoved under the rug and not discussed.


I had never heard of the Tulsa massacre of 1921 until I saw it on watchmen, and I thought it was part of the show. It seems this part of American history was just left out of my history classes in Tennessee. This is why we need know about our American history so this never happens again, and my schools omitted it from the texts.


Fun fact: I live in Tulsa and recently found out that one of our very popular music venues (The Old Brady Theater) was a place where they kept the bodies until they could be buried. That place has always had an eerie “i wouldn’t want to be here after hours alone” vibe and now i know why. And yeah, bands still play there, it’s a pretty popular place. So many people don’t even know…


Recently read about this, it was truly a horrendous act. They murdered hundreds of men, women, and children all because a black kid supposedly stepped on a white lady’s foot. Officials at the time locked down the town in order to cover up the crime. Several survivors who witnesess the attacks were also rounded and disappeared. All in all, this was a monumental attrocity.