Indian police tried to beat up a protester. Then a group of young women stopped them.

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Down votes are from right wingers. The country is having one of its largest outcry of protests against a law the selectively favors immigration of several religions all named except Muslims. This law the CAA or citizenship amendment act in tandem with the national registry of citizens (nrc) is aimed at disenfranchising large swathes of Indian populations and only allowing non-Muslims to show documents and renew their citizenship. Its largely leader less student movement against the right wing BJP party majority but both the parliament and courts are stacked in favor of the Hindutva groups (hindu =religion, Hindutva = hindu fascists). Outlook overall is bad for religious freedom and students. The current govt is slowly working to dismantle secular India and pave the way for a Hindu only nation.


Not just tried. They beat them up very well. The cops were accompanied by a masked man in a helmet not in uniform who was attacking both the men and women with a large stick “lathi”. Attacks from the police continued even after the man fell down and couldn’t move but the women shielded him with their own bodies and yelled down the police. unverified claims that the non police person was a member of right wing student group abvp /RSS.


Impressive. In the US they would have been shot for sure.