LPT: Christmas day is not the right time to bring a new puppy home. Young puppies need structure, quiet time, and naps. Either give something like a collar saying that a new member of the family is coming soon, or write a Christmas card that says there will be a special surprise after Christmas.

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Also generally giving pets as gifts is awful. Definitely don’t surprise people with them! You are giving them a burden of responsibility that requires time, effort and money.


Along with this, do the research and find out what breed of animal would be right for your family. Don’t adopt just because you think *insert breed here* is cute and would look great on your Instagram. Those puppies/kitties grow up to be full sized animals and depend on you to take care of them and give them a proper home. Some breeds require a lot of attention and physical activity, while some have more health problems. Be real with yourself and your work/life schedule to figure out what kind of pet would work best with your family.


A dog is for life, not just for Christmas. Is that just a British thing then I guess?


Adopt from you local shelter!