LPT: Do not engage trolls. Do not burn any bridges.

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As a New Yorker idk if I agree. Some bridges need to be burned. Not everyone deserves to have access to you or an easy way to re-enter your life. Yeah life would be easier with zero conflict but that’s not always how things shake out.


Honestly, hard pass. Some people are toxic as fuck and need to go. Like, I feel that don’t feed the troll and don’t talk to strangers, but it is far better to straight up c4 certain bridges. Fuck that friend you had for years who is now telling you to stay with your abuser. Fuck that job with the handsy manager and all those pieces of shit that let him keep his job. Say auf wedersehen to every family member who tells you you are bad or you are going to hell, full stop lpt for everyone, but especially for queer people. It is often better to cut your losses and nuke those bridges.


u/karmapharmacy, I fart in your general direction. Your mother is a hamster and your father smells of elderberries!


>Same goes for online arguments. You’re not gonna get the other person to see your side, not ever. You’re not going to make that person think about their bad behavior or choices. So just like if you were in NYC: do not engage, do not feed the trolls. I don’t argue online to convince the person I am talking to. I argue online to show the audience how absurd the person I’m talking to’s position is. The best way to combat bad ideas is with good ideas. Not with censoring or ignoring.