LPT: No Christmas plans this year? Ask that elderly neighbour if they’d like to join you. Many elderly people spend Christmas alone and it’s a really difficult time of year

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Let me get this straight: People are complaining about how insulting/offensive inviting them to Christmas dinner is. Because, 1) if the invitation was genuine, it should have happened at any previous point of the year. (making it somehow less offensive). Or 2) because they don’t care for any celebration (in which case you can say so, and avoid being bothered ever again by someone trying to pick up a friendship with you). And then I have to read about how Millenials are dainty flowers offended by everything. You guys do have a point: A genuinely nice person might have offered a few words or an invitation to his/her house at some other point. But please, because of your personal feelings about some or other specific situations where this could be a bad idea, don’t ruin this. There are a lot of caveats not included in the LPT, but if you think about it more than 5 minutes you’d get them. There’s this individual (let’s call him/her X) with a Christmas meal prepared. X might be alone. X might have a family. The fact is, X’s got a lot of Christmas spirit, has more than enough food, and reads this. X might never have thought about inviting some elderly neighbor or usually withdrawn individual from any community X feels a part of. X believes in being an agent of change. Pay blessings forward. Give a nice night to someone who might need it. That kind of thing. So checking on communities X is part of, out of 4 different individuals who are invited, 2 decide to give it a shot. Free food, right? Plus, it might be the beginning of a closer relationship or even a tradition for the homeowners’ family. According to you, no, X shouldn’t try to do this because OMG 2 of those invited didn’t care for the invitation, felt offended at the presumption that they might want some company in a traditionally familiar holiday, or it’s simply overall insulting, even though the other 2 were perfectly ok with it. Ok boomer.


This is a nice thought, clearly borne of good intentions and empathy towards others. I’m sorry that people are trying to tear you down. I hope you don’t let it get you down. I see you.


So I’m not an elder and I’m going to be alone for Christmas due to a pending divorce A random dude I work with just asked me to spend Christmas Eve with his family. I was genuinely touched by it and not offended at all or questioning why he’s never asked before A lot of times things come from a good place from good people


I love this! I grew up in an immigrant family that works most holidays and so we don’t really celebrate together. A lot of times eating ramen with a sibling. A friend recently invited us over for Thanksgiving and I got a true taste of what a traditional Thanksgiving was like. So much food, family catching up, playing board games, eating to the max! I loved it and so I know for a fact this LPT can be a life-changing story for a neighbor!