Man stolen as a baby found living in Michigan 55 years after crime

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The article doesn’t do the story justice, so here is a full rundown: ​ In 1964, a one-day-old baby named Paul Fronczak was stolen from a Chicago hospital, which made national news. A woman came up to Paul’s mother Dora Fronczak, dressed as a nurse, and said she would need to take the baby for a moment to be examined by a doctor, and took the baby away. This was the biggest manhunt in Chicago’s history, which included 175,000 postal workers, 200 police officers and the FBI. After a couple years of no real leads, Dora and Chester (Paul’s father) received a letter from the FBI, saying that a toddler found in Newark, NJ looked like their son. This abandoned toddler had been left in a stroller in a busy shopping center and was currently being fostered by a family. There was no record of baby Paul Fronczak’s blood type, and the hospital hadn’t taken the baby’s footprints or handprints. There was only one photo of baby Paul Fronczak taken at the hospital. The toddler found in a stroller ended up being the only one the FBI couldn’t exclude and the toddler had similar ears to baby Paul Fronczak in the photo. DNA testing didn’t exist yet. While Dora and Chester weren’t 100% positive, they felt that the right thing to do would be to tell the FBI that yes, the toddler seemed like Paul & they would claim him as Paul. They would go on to raise this toddler as Paul. Paul’s parents hadn’t told him of this difficult situation when Paul went snooping in the basement and found newspaper clippings. His mother was angry when he brought this up to her and he decided he wouldn’t mention it again. When Paul was an adult he was able to convince his parents to take DNA tests to find out once and for all if he really was their biological son. They agreed, he took their DNA kits/swabs, and they changed their minds after he left and asked him to please not do it. He went forward with submitting the DNA tests anyway because he was desperate to learn the truth. Results stated that he was NOT the Paul Fronczak that Dora gave birth to. His parents were furious about the whole thing and didn’t speak to him for over a year. The adopted Paul Fronczak was able to trace his genetic roots to Tennessee with the help of the genealogist CeCe Moore. One day she called him and asked him “what do you think of the name Jack?” “It’s a good name,” he responded. She then let him know that it was his birth name. And he had a twin sister named Jill. Upon meeting his relatives, Paul learned that they had no clue what happened to Jill. Paul’s mother Marie was a heavy drinker and his dad Gilbert was badly affected by the Korean War. Jack and Jill were apparently badly neglected. A relative recalled the babies “sitting in a cage.” Eventually Jack and Jill weren’t there anymore and the parents claimed that another relative was taking care of them. Paul still has no idea what happened to his twin. Paul theorizes that something tragic happened to her and so they abandoned Jack because they couldn’t explain only one twin. After Paul went public about this story and his desire to find his twin sister and the real Paul Fronczak, The “I-Team” which is part of the 8News Michigan team set up a facebook page for tips, which prompted the FBI to re-open the case. The genealogist CeCe Moore who had been helping Paul with this mystery has said the following on her face book page: “So happy to be able to finally share this news. The “real” Paul Fronczak has been found. (Edited to add: I cannot provide more information at this time, but I will say that the power of consumer genetics gives hope for all those who are missing family members.)”


I was thinking the headline meant that while a baby was found living in Michigan, a man was stolen.


How pissed would you be at your criminal mother?


Article not available outside US.


This scenario happened to my neighbours’ daughter. A deranged woman stole her from the hospital after she was born. Luckily someone spotted her at a shoppers drug mart and just happened to have a hunch by way that she was handling the infant things were not right. Fortunately she was returned to the family..