Nebraska farmers vote overwhelmingly for Right to Repair – Yesterday, the Nebraska Farm Bureau voted 176-1 to back Right to Repair

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>A Crain’s Chicago Business article reported that dealers make five times the profit margin off repair than they do off the sale of new equipment. This vote was at the Farm Bureau, basically a trade organization for farmers, not the Nebraska state legislature, where dealers and manufacturers will spend a lot of time and money ~~bribing~~ lobbying politicians to oppose right to repair legislation.


I read all about this over the past few years, including the Vice piece. For those who don’t know, John Deere and other manufacturers use special software locks and other measures that keep a farmer from being able to do even simple repairs on their equipment. A big problem is that when a piece breaks down, you need to get it working quickly. Even with a simple problem, you might be waiting hours or days for a certified technician to come out to your property (since farms are not always easily accessible, and can be long distances from a repair technician), all the while you are losing time and potentially money. It is one thing if a manufacturer wants to claim repairs will void a warranty, but to lock up the equipment entirely is bullshit. I hope this helps persuade legislatures to pass a right to repair.


This needs to be more popular. We’re already moving towards a science fiction capitalist dystopia where we have to *consume, consume, consume.* Let’s not make it any easier on corporations to control our products even after we buy it, yeah?


I want to know who the one dickbag was that voted against.


The machinery itself can be repaired, BUT its the software that blocks independent mechanics/owner to repair it. For example on a 18 wheeler I use to own you could not just replace the exhaust, since the new one will have a different serial number if you just change the exhaust and could not input the new number on the main computer, the truck will just not start period. The part was $1800 and 2 hrs job, now the dealer will charge an additional $1000 for that, and on top they do all sorts of fees. Of course any farmer will want the right to repair.