Neolithic chewing gum helps recreate image of ancient Dane – Complete genome recovered from 5,600 year old chewed birch tar.

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>The strands of DNA preserved in the gum point to a hunter-gatherer from continental Europe who had dark skin, dark hair and blue eyes. She lived near the lagoon, itself protected from the open sea by shifting sand barriers, about 5,600 years ago, according to carbon dating of the birch tar. No mention of her haplogroup? I’d be interested to know that part.


She doesn’t look Scandinavian–which makes sense, because the Indo-European ancestors of modern Scandinavians hadn’t reached her part of the world yet.


Does this technically mean that China could clone this ‘ancient’ Dane now from the complete Genome? Are there multi-billionaires who pay China to do such things? I mean, if I could, I would.


‘Ancient’ is a little loose here. That’s basically just my 300th grandma.


We can be sure of phenotypic traits in 6,000 year old DNA but 23andme can’t accurately guess several of my own? Interesting. My eyes aren’t brown 23andme.