Netflix defends comedy which depicts Jesus as gay

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Sorry, I read the article but didn’t see any information on the methods Netflix is using to force people to watch this show. In fact, Netflix’s statement seems to indicate they are allowing individual viewers to make their own choices on what they watch and when. Now I know we can’t trust corporations. This is probably double-speak. So what is Netflix actually doing? Are they forcing all subscribers to watch this show before they’re allowed to watch anything else? Does selecting a different show take the viewer to this one without their consent? Does Netflix employ ninjas and thugs to break into viewers’ homes, tie those viewers to chairs, and set the show on repeat until the viewers stop believing in God? I just feel like something must be missing from the story. Surely good Christians wouldn’t be denying everyone else choices in media and life in an effort to enforce their own religious sensibilities on people who don’t share them?


It’s called **The First Temptation of Christ** if you don’t want to give the website clicks


And South Park just had Jesus snort a line of coke.


Thanks for the publicity. Didn’t know about this show. Will be sure to watch. The only thing funnier than a gay Jesus, is a virgin Mary. Happy Holidays. : )


If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. Someone else will make media you like, you don’t _have_ to consume this media.