Owners of OxyContin maker paid more after company’s big fine

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Fuck this piece of shit family. They need to be reduced to zero in the bank, and then jail time


Kill a man? Prison for life. Kill a generation’s worth of people? Billionaire.


It’d be nice if all discussion, news segments, and articles about OxyContin, Purdue Pharma, and the Opioid epidemic all used the actual family name for these people: The Sackler family, not “Owners.” Put their name in the headlines next to their life’s work, which has been addicting people and ruining lives. I see their name is in the article, but most people do not read beyond the headlines. The Sackler family have spent their lives donating to various organizations to keep the Sackler name positive. It means a lot to them that their name has value. Let’s go ahead and associate the Sackler family name with the mass-murdering family that they are. Also, let’s not forget about the other pharma companies involved here with peddling pain killers.


Fuck fines. Put them in prison.


This needs to stop. Accountability is necessary for healthy societies.