Passenger Gives First Class Seat to an 88-year-old Stranger

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I’m a pilot. People are savages on airplanes. Maybe it’s because I fly a lot, but the whole first class/economy thing brings out the worst in people. It’s not that big of a deal to sit in first, and people act like they’re the king of Siam sometimes sitting up there. Jeebus.


And than passenger got promoted to first class


Why must we be bombarded with news in this format? You’ll never guess what one stranger did! Your faith in humanity will be restored! Click now to see his Twitter profile and be the first to see her reaction face! Where’s the link to their fucking merch?


„.. you should of seen her…“ (sic) For crying out loud, do journalists not use spellcheck?! I don‘t know why this specific mistake infuriates me so much, but I just can‘t help it.


I guess if I had so much money I traveled First class all the time I would do stuff like that on a whim too. Very nice of them regardless.