People are infinitely more likely to drink something that tastes terrible if it fucks them up than drink something that tastes terrible if it makes them 100% healthier.

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What on earth is 100% healthier? Like I’m going to live twice as long? At least a buzz is real.


*pours vodka into V8 juice* ¿Por que no los dos?


Drinking something that fucks you up, the ‘benefit’ is felt immediately. Drinking something that makes you healthier, that’s something you don’t feel right away unless you are very thirsty. Thus the behavior gets more easily reinforced, even if it’s not that great for you.


Possible the more popular opinion. But I prefer the water over the devil’s drink. Now the devil’s lettuce. That’s my jam and my jelly.


a lot of alcohol doesn’t taste terrible. there are plenty of beers and mixed drinks that taste fine or better