Pope abolishes rule that kept church sex abuse cases top secret

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The fact that they even had a rule for protecting these pedophiles is disgusting.


Took ‘em only about a thousand years…


Think about what they have to hide if they had a rule to keep it secret.


It is astonishing that whatever “laws” they have even matter!!! I don’t know why their offices etc in countries aren’t raided by police like other criminals! In Ireland there is a mass grave of babies that was discovered 30 years ago. The nuns order responsible still has not handed over any information. It doesn’t matter that this group thinks they have their own laws. They should be treated like all criminals. Edit typo


Come back when he decides to take real action. I’m taking turning these pedophiles into the authorities, not just “okay, we promise to get rid of the rule that says we cant tell you about our guys who are diddling little kids.’ Let’s face it, they still arent going to say shit. They’re going to do everything in their power to protect their pedophiles while making it seem like they’re playing nice and changing to the rest of the world who wants change. This man leads a world organization that systematically covers the abuse of children. If he actually gave a shit, this would have been done ages ago.