Pope Francis just raised from 14 to 18 the cutoff age below which the Vatican considers pornographic images to be child pornography.

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Why are you burying the lede so hard on this one? The entire article is about the Pope abolishing the ‘Pontifical secret’ which allowed them to keep molestation cases under wraps. And you’re right – that’s a fairly big deal. Why do you think it was Reddit that removed the post rather than one of the moderators?


Pope Francis is the king of platitudes, fake reform, and public relations manipulations. What this basically says is “We know who the rapists are. We have the evidence. But you can’t have it. Unless you are a police agency…and you happen to ask the right question.” Open your church to independent review and promise reform, along with cooperation in all legal and civil suits that result. Then, maybe, you can get your good-person card back. Till then, anyone who lets their kid near a priest ought to get a call from CPS.


Well, I am not the type of person to congratulate people for doing the bare minimum.


The fact that an organization gauges what is and is not kiddie porn based on keeping rapist clergy in the clear, is horrendous. Gotta have our Jesus though!


“She’s 18 but she’s got the body of a 14.”