Pope lifts secrecy rules for sex abuse cases

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It’s good to see the Pope finally got to Ephesians 5:11.


It’s a big step in the right direction, but as a reformer this seems like something that he should have done really quickly after assuming the office.


Too little too late, too much damage done already. They are losing money, power and most importantly people. They do not deserve your time and money, pray to god, but dont give to the church. I’m every major city churches turn down the homeless for shelter and food more than they help, the allowed centuries of child rape to happen and protection for the rapist by placing them in a new place to rape new children. They only reform when they are losing money. Dont allow them to sway opinions now when the trail broken children are still suffering from the hands of these animals. If you have religion that’s great, I’m not picking on theist, I’m bashing the organization. All major organized religions are more corrupt and immoral than they are any good for humanity. You can have faith and know god without the chrich. But I’m also not here to tell people what to do, just sharing my opinion and thoughts on this. Anyone who is offended I’m sorry, if you want a civil discussion I’m open. Have a wonderful day.


Didn’t know there were rules about that.. smh


The fact that they had secrecy rules to begin with is fucked up.