Possible mass grave from 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre found by researchers

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They destroyed black wall street and it’s people. Then covered it up. This was a very successful area for black folks at the time too. If left alone, the businesses there could have had an impact and been around today with potentially way more success. So much hate. Imagine how many others could have potentially gone through this with history never telling their stories.


A history podcast I listen to called “American History Tellers” did a series on the Tulsa Race Massacre. It truly was a devastating and tragic turn of racially fueled events. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like this part of history receives the spotlight it deserves. All of that violence and destruction because a black kid was simply accused of touching a white woman in an elevator. Edit: Thank you very much for the silver. I’m glad my first award on here could be for something historically meaningful.


Holy shit! I never heard of this before! I only knew about this from Watchmen, and I thought it was fiction.


I’m glad we’re moving toward calling this a “massacre” instead of a “race riot”. The term “pogrom” associated with the Jewish experience in Europe is also more appropriate.


Anyone heard of Wilmington, NC and their once thriving black community???