Psychedelics Were Already Having a Good Year. Then Andrew Yang Tweeted

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Legalize all of it, tax it, regulate it and use the tax money for mental health, homelessness and other great programs. Gut the cartels and big pharma. Cut down on the amount of people in prison, put them to work on infrastructure and inspirational public works.


Legalising is definitely the way to go. The States would make big profit from it.


The author is a bit dismissive (saying Yang tier 3), but by the numbers Yang is around 5th place having outlasted Kamala Harris and Cory Booker. And the fact that his support skews young is a pretty good sign that policies like this are getting more popular.


Legalise it so Australia will follow (in 20 or so years…)


in a dream world. good luck man i like ya but the dnc will not allow this. they want pett buttigig as potus. that dude will get lambasted by trump. one thing trump is good at is fucking with people ie look at his twitter feed and all the people who REEE when he posts memes.