Recent state policies that reduced women’s access to reproductive health care are contributing to rising maternal death rates, new research shows. Gestational age abortion restrictions likely increased death rates by 38%. Planned Parenthood closures increased death rates significantly as well.

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This is an imperfect study, but the fact remains the USA has the worst maternal death rate of any first world country by a notable margin. Access most definitely playa a huge role.


Curious (not really) why they’d lump all maternal ages up to 44 years instead of maternal mortality rate vs maternal age over time. Also needs to be some accounting for causes of death, which are conveniently not mentioned here. I suspect the data was drawn to fit the conclusion they hoped to reach at the outset.


Look up groups for those suffering with Hyperemesis Gravidarum, Gestational Diabetes, or Pre-Eclampsia. These women are *begging* for help. Proper medications, termination, etc. Most of these pregnancies were intended and just ended up with an unexpected condition of pregnancy. Doctors think that HG goes away by week 20. But mine and thousands others lasted til the placenta was delivered. Some been developed cyclic vomiting syndrome or gastroparesis because of it. Religion is killing people because it’s being inserted where it doesn’t belong. Corporations are killing people because they are being allowed to profit off the lives of patients.


If one actually read more than the headline you’d see the data was captured between 2007-2015. So “recent state policies” is just gaslighting.


This is why the US is one of the only western nations that has the maternal mortality rates of a developing nation.